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All this remodeling started due to the new addition. The Flex Radio SDR-1000. It is a software defined radio and operates in a very non-traditional manner. None of the typical radio parts inside! After rebuilding Collins and other tube and transistor based Ham gear for many years this is a brand new frontier for me presenting new horizons and new challengers.

Flex Radio is covering new ground in both technology and true ham experimental opportunity. The software is open source!!! This means you can see how the code makes the radio work and come up with some of your own approaches to control etc. Flex-Radios support is second to none!!!

I will be using the flex radio for microwave projects in the near future. I will post my results.

The target transverter freqs are. 144mhz ,432mhz, 1.2ghz, 2.3ghz , 5ghz and 10ghz.

If you want to read more about this great radio click below





This is the finished control center, It will select one of 12 radios, when you select the radio you want to operate it routes all the alc, amp keying , mics ,speakers ,etc. When you select what band you want it routes it to the correct amp antenna watt meter and tuner.

The amp on / off switch breaks the amp keying line, The array solutions also interfaces to this circuit with the SWR trip out when high swr is encountered. It also breaks the PTT line on the selected radio.

I am using array solutions switching relay boxes for amps , antennas, tuners etc.





Amp line-up 2 Collins 30S-1s ,Collins 30L-1, Henry 5K Classic

( Larry, Moe , and Curley )

I have done some mods the Henry 5K for pictures click the above picture.



I remoted the directional couplers on the watt meters and it really makes it easy to mount the watt meters without the coax mess!



All of the KWM-2s are used as IF systems for microwave transverters.


The new IC7000 . I am using a small LCD monitor for display

These are tubes I have homebrewed with. I still have a few on my list I have not built yet.

My favorite AM rig. Collins 32V-3 and a 75A or (75A-1)

It is all wired up and I put it on the air once a week.


My wife Theresa (KC7ZNQ) showing off the new test equipment rack..

In the Rack All HP. 141T with tracking gen, 8640B RF gen, HP power meter.

I bought this radio in the 60s with paper route money and mowing yards.






ATTN Home Brewers

I am trying to put together a local/internet Home brew club .

If you have any interest click the word homebrew-link below








New project!

I Have used VOX for 40+ years and like a hands free option .

The BLUE TOOTH project...

Here is the run down

1. small box that will have cables to plug into any radios mic , PTT and headphones

2. small Key Fob that has a push to talk button if you do not want to use VOX

3.Will work with any off the shelf Blue Tooth headset.



A small dongle that you can use your favorite wired headphones on the system.

I designed it for full duplex so no delay and great audio both transmit and recieve



Proto type working!





Mini CW Keyboard

I found the smallest keyboard that had a good feel and cramed the electronics inside.

Included a LCD display and a tiny speaker for side tone

I like CW a lot and can do O.K. at 15-20 wpm but my old hand wears out fast above that.

I just bought a KX-3 Elecraft and use it camping on my motorcycle so size needed to be tiny but still useable .



I have finished a home brew SDR project ( software defined radio )

The main goal was to put it all in one box. The typical setup uses an external computer monitor etc.

I am going to have it all self contained in one box . It will have VFO knob band buttons and soft keys for main functions and resemble a typical comercial radio. It has two micro motherboards with dou core CPUs .I am using 8" touch screen monitors built in and the ability to run external monitors as well. I will have two complete SDR radios in the box. The dimensions of the final radio is about the size of my IC7800.

I am also incorporating several transverters for 144, 432 ,1296 mhz.

It is all be powered from 12 vdc. external 50 amp switcher

It has a high power internet adapter and server software for remote use.


I have so far made several contacts on it QRP (500mw) K5MVC was my first contact!

It is now putting out 150 watts on the HF bands

Now for the layout process!!!

The motherboard running on 12 volt supply

The new touch screen 8 inch monitor. NO MOUSE!!!

The SDR is now water cooled!!!!!

RF PA Water jacket.

STARTING to mount the knobs , jacks , switches


This is a DVD drive from a laptop


Now for the cosmetics and bottuns!


Here it is in its operating position. one of the internal SDRs is driving the internal 8"(touch screen) display and the 17" display to the left and the other internal SDR is driving the 21" display on the right. Switching radios to diferent monitors is front panel switchable. The keyboard is wireless and the vfo knob is a Griffen.



The making of the water jacket



Water-Jacket for PA stage.

It did not leak and works great!

Water cooling is working so good the wheels are turning for other projects!




I needed a better way to deal with surface mount

My eyes get weaker and the parts keep getting smaller !

Now I can work on the smallest surface mount

This is the new microscope

New weller WD2000M soldering station

It has a micro tweezer iron and a micro pencil



Photos of the new home-brew 1296mhz transverter.

It has a conversion gain of 27db on receive. and has an RF output of 35 watts.

It uses 144mhz for its IF






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