I want to invite anyone interested in home brewing to contact me about getting a group formed.

I can be found on forty meters on 7.167 mhz if that is in you skip zone.

I also like ch4 on 60 meters, on twenty meters you can find me around 14.185 mhz.

If you just ask people on these freqs to pass a message along to me the chances are very good it will get to me.

I really do not like "CLUBs" a better word would be group.

I think there is a some major benefits to this approach.

1. Through the internet and video conferencing etc. It is real easy to share and discuss ideas.

2. If we share a common project interest than we can buy in volume and save on parts cost.

3. As a parts resource those who want to share there junk box we can trade swap give parts to each other.

4. As a technology resource alone would be great as everyone has different strengths.

5. I can offer for the local (PHX - Tempe,AZ) builders a full lab.


I am interested in all sorts of homebrew.

robotics, Ham radio etc


Photo Gallery of HomeBrew Madness


Below are some photos of the back yard lab.


I will be adding a photo gallery for home brew projects very soon

If you have some photos you would like to share let me know!.


Thanks for dropping buy!

You can get my email from


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