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At robot labs we are using Evolution robotics SDK's with some amazing results.

We are underway developing several platforms from P4 based to Basic Stamp and PIC microcontroller robots.

AB2 is a P4 2.4ghz processor and is on its way to being an always on AI autonomous robot!


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-----------------------------------------------Meet AB2 the Robot---------------------------------------------------------

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These are some of the features on AB2:

1. It has its own email that it can read and take instructions from.

2. I can connect from anywhere on the web and drive it around and take video or pictures as well as two way audio.

3. Has visual recognition and can Identify objects I have programmed it to remember.

4. It is on the wireless network at the base and can listen for odd sounds or movement and email me the occurrence

5. AB2 has a gripper hand and can be operated to retrieve items remotely

6. responds to voice commands

7. Has both IR and video obstacle avoidance as well as internal navigation.

This is just a small glimpse into the features of this robot

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